Four Tenets of Organization


Once articulated, the answer to “What can happen?” and “Why are we in this ‘busy’-ness?” help form the vision and mission of the organization. Clarity of vision and mission is the key to satisfy the first of the four tenets of organization: unity. Focus, the second tenet gives the answer to “How can we make it happen?” Focus comes from the wisely chosen and formulated values and strategy. To ensure focus, they have to be well documented and communicated across the organization.

Organizations, also need capability. They need both the realized capability, called proficiency, and the unrealized one, called potency. The organization’s capability includes management and leadership practices, human capital competencies, infrastructure, systems, policies, and procedures. They determine the capacity of the organization in implementing the agreed values and strategy, in carrying out its mission to attain vision.

Finally, without synergy, organizations’ will waste their ever limited resources: human capital, financial, and time in their efforts and attempts to be victorious. Synergy is the answer to optimal, efficient, and effective utilization of resources to deliver end results.

How do these four tenets apply to your organization?

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