Integral Elements of Viable Organization


Everyone expects their organizations to exist for a long time, did you know which organizational elements that need to be considered and aligned constantly? From our experiences in assisting our clients, we have found that there are nine elements that determine an organization’s ability to adapt to the changing business environment.

The first element is the Organizational Vision, it determines the direction or the ideal condition that the organization aspires to achieve the desired achievements should be challenging, measurable, achievable, and timely.

The second element is the Organizational Mission, it explains the reason why the organization exists and what the organization actually does.

The third element is the Organizational Values, they are the fundamental rules that has been agreed by the people within the organization. These values will be the unifying force when the people in the organization as they strive to achieve the vision and fulfill the organization’s mission. Consistently implementing values in the organization will eventually form the organizational culture in the future.

These three elements need to be in harmony and complement each other.

The fourth element is Strategy, it is vision and mission in action. Strategy should be seen as an effective way to execute the vision and mission, and therefore should be implemented.

The fifth element is Ideal Practices, they the articulation of corporate values. If corporate values are abstract, the ideal practice is the practical form of these values. Corporate values are realized through the expected behaviors practiced by people in the organization.

These strategic element and ideal practice will drive your organization. Then what are the elements of your organizational vehicle? Lets discuss element sixth through eighth!

The sixth element is Human Resource, it emphasizes the importance of the quality of human resources in the organization.

The seventh element is Process, it emphasizes the importance of continual improvement of a process in order to achieve effectiveness.

The eighth element is the system, it is required to preserve all human resource development efforts and the all the processes that have been improved. It does not always have to be an automated system such as IT.

The ninth element is Performance, it is the outcome of the 8 elements mentioned above. Seen from the perspective of these 9 integral elements, how does your organizational sustainability perform?

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