Learning from Games


When was the last time you played a game?

Usually the answer will refer directly to the games on the computer or on the phone. Though the game doesn’t have to be electronic games. Playing games can also be done when we were studying. This concept is known as playful learning. The assumption used is learning & playing are very closely related. Great learning looks like a great play & vice versa.

What should be done make learning playful?

Pack your learning material in the form of a game! Experiential learning emphasizes the learning from experience and through these experiences we design our games. The challenge in designing the game is what is called Csikszentmihalyi, a professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago called it a “flow”. The essence of this theory is the balance between challenge and ability, between frustration and boredom, to create an experience of achieving a goal.

According to this theory, when a person learns, they already have a certain level of that particular ability. If the challenge in a game that is too hard, they will get frustrated. If they continue their learning, their ability will increase. If the challenge is similar to the previous lever, they will get bored.

If you manage to make a balanced material between the challenges of learning and the participant’s capabilities, the learning time will be noticeably faster and participants will get something out of it

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