Culture & Organization Development


slide6“Providing the ultimate solution to work/ life balance: not escaping from work but living the way you want to at work.”
– Stan Slap, American Business Author. –



slide7“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
– Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, Writer. –




Processes are the core assets of an organization, and they produce the values that justify an organization’s existence.





  1. Assess behaviors to STOP, KEEP, or START DOING to comply to agreed ideal practices;

  2. Develop stratified behavioral references for top, mid, and first-line managers;
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  3. Develop culture roadmap as a baseline to review progress of values internalization.

Adopt Business Process Mapping & Optimization to model, manage, monitor,
and optimize business process.


slide12Develop policies, SOPs, manuals to control and ensure people, systems,
and processes are in accord.