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Regulation Of The Press Council

Proclamation Guidelines Media Siber

Independence, freedom of expression, opinion and the press freedom are fundamental human rights that are protected by Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and the Universal Declaration of human rights of the UNITED NATIONS. The presence of the media in Indonesia siber is also part of freedom, freedom of expression, opinion and the press freedom.

The media have a special character siber so need guidelines so that the operations can be carried out in a professional manner, fulfilling the functions, rights and obligations according to Law Number 40 of 1999 concerning the press and Journalistic code of ethics. To that end the Council organization of joint press releases, media manager, siber and communities devise Guidelines Media Coverages Siber as follows:

1. The Scope Of The

  1. Media Siber is any form of media that uses internet and vehicle carrying out journalistic activities, as well as meet the requirements of the legislation and standards of the company’s Press Releases assigned a Press Council.
  2. User-made content (User Generated Content) is any content created or published by users and media siber, among others, articles, pictures, comments, sounds, videos and upload various forms attached to the siber, media such as blogs, forums, comments the reader or Viewer, and other forms.

2. Verification and keberimbangan news

  1. In principle any news having to go through the verification.
  2. News that can harm the other party requires verification on the same news to meet the principles of accuracy and keberimbangan.
  3. The provisions in point (a) above are excluded, provided:
    1. The news really contain the public interest which is urgent;
    2. The first news source is a source which clearly mentioned credentials, credible and competent;
    3. The subject of the news must be confirmed and its whereabouts are unknown or unable to be interviewed;
    4. The media give an explanation to the reader that the news still requires further verification that will in time as soon as possible. The explanation contained in the final part of the same news, inside the brackets and use italics.
  4. After loading the news according to step (c), the media is obligated to continue the efforts and upon verification, verification, verification results are listed on a news update (update) with a link on the news that has not been verified.

3. User-Made Content (User Generated Content)

  1. Mandatory siber media lists the terms and conditions regarding user defined Content which is not contrary to the Act No. 40 of 1999 concerning the press and Journalistic code of ethics, which was placed in a bright and clear.
  2. Siber media require each user to perform the registration process and membership log-in in advance to be able to publish all forms of user defined Content. Provisions on log-in will be regulated further.
  3. In the registration, the user obliges siber media give written consent that the user-defined Content published:
    1. Do not load the contents of a lie, slander, sadistic and obscene;
    2. Does not contain contents that contain prejudice and hatred associated with the tribe, religion, race, and antargolongan (SARA), as well as encouraging acts of violence;
    3. Do not load the contents of discriminating on the basis of gender and language, and not degrading the person is weak, poor, sick, disabled, or physical disability.
  4. The media has the absolute authority to siber edit or delete user defined Content that goes against the grain (c).
  5. Media complaint mechanism provides mandatory siber Contents User rated Artificial breaching on grain (c). The mechanism should be provided in a place easily accessible to the user.
  6. Siber media obliged to edit, delete, and otherwise act in any corrections of reported User-made Content and breaching rounds (c), as soon as possible proportionally 2 x no later than 24 hours after the complaint is received.
  7. The siber media have met the provisions of items (a), (b), (c), and (f) not burdened responsibility for problems caused due to loading of contents that violate the provisions of items (c).
  8. Siber media responsible for the user-defined Content which was reported otherwise take action correction after the deadline as the grain (f).

4. Errata, corrections, and the right Answer

  1. Errata, corrections, and the right answer refers to the Press Act, the code of ethics of journalism, and the guidelines set out the Council’s Responsibilities rights of the press.
  2. Errata, corrections and the mandatory responsibilities or rights linked on the news that were revised, corrected or that given the right answer.
  3. In every news errata, corrections, and the right answer is obliged to enclose the time loading of errata, corrections, and or the right answer.
  4. When a certain siber media news disseminated media other siber, then:
    1. Responsibility of the media maker siber news limited news published in the media the siber or siber media under its technical authority;
    2. Correction news conducted by a media siber, must also be done by other siber media quoting news from media siber corrected it;
    3. The media that disseminate news from a media siber and not make corrections over the news as is done by the media owner and siber or the news makers, are entirely responsible for all the legal consequences of the news that is not dikoreksinya it.
  5. In accordance with the law of the press, the media the siber does not serve the right answer can be subject to criminal law sanctions are a maximum fine of Rp 500.000.000,-(five hundred million rupiah).

5. Repeal News

  1. News already published cannot be revoked for reasons of censorship of outside parties, unless the editor is SARA related issues, morality, the future of children, victims of traumatic experiences or other special considerations based on the assigned Board press.
  2. Other siber media mandatory following the revocation of an excerpt from news media which has been revoked.
  3. Repeal mandatory news accompanied by the reasons for the removal and announced to the public.

6. Ads

  1. Siber media obliged to distinguish unequivocally between news and advertising products.
  2. Any news/articles/content is ads and paid content or obliged to apply the description “advertorial”, “ad”, “ads”, “sponsored”, or other words that explained that the news/articles/the content is advertising.

7. Copyright
Media siber mandatory respect for copyright as set forth in the applicable legislation.

8. Inclusion Guidelines
Media Guidelines include mandatory Coverages siber Media Siber is in the medium are bright and clear.

9. The dispute
Final assessment over the dispute regarding the implementation of the guidelines of the proclamation of this solved by Siber Media Council of the press.

Jakarta, February 3, 2012
(These guidelines signed by the Press Council and press community in Jakarta, 3 February 2012).