Training & Workshop

  1. Building Winning Team
    Introduces the advantages and benefits of working in teams, rather than relying on individual strengths.
    Target participants: all levels
  2. Coaching & Counseling
    Introduces TOUCH (Trigger, Observe, Understand, Communicate, Hone/Heal) framework and covers the DOs and DONTs within each respective phase.
    Target participants: top and middle management levels
  3. Managing Conflict
    Introduces Dr. Katz’ SOOSIE (Self Concept, Objective, Obligation, Sentiment, Ideals, and Experience) framework to help understand and accept different perceptions.
    Target participants: all levels
  4. Monitoring & Controlling
    Introduces ways to evaluate performance and carry out predictive, preventive and corrective controls necessary to comply to the committed standards.
    Target participants: all levels
  5. Motivating & Influencing
    Introduces ways to win the hearts of others to get their utmost support and capabilities.
    Target participants: top and middle management levels
  6. Negotiating Deals
    Introduces the six paradigms of human interactions: Win-Win, Win-Lose, Lose-Win, Lose-Lose, Win, and Win-Win or No Deal, as well as how to effectively end-up with mutually beneficial and satisfying decisions.
    Target participants: all levels
  7. Planning & Organizing
    Introduces ways to plan in advance who, what, and how to execute business initiatives and manage resources by assigning and coordinating tasks.
    Target participants: all levels
  8. Problem Solving & Decision Making
    Introduces ways to systematically define problems, identify root causes, recommend alternative solutions and each respective consequences, as well as implementation schedule.
    Target participants: all levels
  9. Visionary Thinking
    Introduces advantages of entrepreneurial strategic thinking vs. management text book strategy planning; and differences between ‘what can happen’ vs. ‘what will happen’.
    Target participants: top management level