I just want some coffee!


A few years back, we are in a workshop in a luxury hotel in Jakarta. A waiter passed by and a participant requested that the coffee supply needed to be replenished.

The waiter could’ve said,”Our apologies Sir, we will replenish it right away.” But instead this was what he said,”Sir, there are four seminars today, and some of the waiters didn’t show up for work, so you just you just have to make do, Sir.”

What lessons can we take from this? There was lack of customer care. From the customer point of view, he could not care less whether there were 4 seminars or 10. Or whether some waiters didn’t show up or none but that waiter showed up. They just wanted to be served well. They just want their cups of coffee. For as long as an organization does not have the culture to deliver service care to and beyond customer expectation, they will not survive.

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